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I will post some tips and tricks in this area. I’m not a pro fishing guy but what im is a guy who has fished for 40+ years and has caught hundreds and 1000’s of fish so I want to share my experience.


I would like to start off with *Shiners* Both Wild and domestic require basic needs and care to get out there and fish them.

I think Shiners are the best bass catching thing out there but below are some tips and ideas for you to fish have fun and keep them going.

There are many types of shiners and many names for them most wild live in Ponds and lakes and water ways. Most guides will use Shiners, Shiners can land you one *HUGE* Bass Maybe even a record. Now you can do the same with artificial but Shiners are what i call a good fishing day bait.

Hooking a shiner

Shiners require Oxygenated water so it is best to put them in aerated water. However you can put them in other things and buckets if your heading right out.  I would tend to avoid plastics on a hot day because it will cook the water inside.

about shiner’s and the process

1.Hooking a shiner on the dorsal fin causes it to swim near the service. Hook through the meaty part of the dorsal fin. How you place this is important for when the bass strikes you want to let him take it in unlike the head rig the bass will pull it into his mouth and play with it some so do not strike on the first bump until you know he has it before setting the hook. The shiner will face away from you when hooking. He will swim more if tension is placed. He may come to the top and make splashes.

2.Hook the shiner through the lip and through the air hole. This looks more natural and the bass will hit the head first. Hooking them in the lip tends to keep them in a more general area.

3.Try not to do long cast over head to where they splat on the water. I prefer to do more of a underhand toss and let the natural fish do it’s thing.

4.Hooking the Shiner through the head you put the hook through the hard part of the head almost like the lip hooking but this is more solid of a hook advantage also gets a little more action out of the bait.

5.Hook the shiner in the anal fin. This is almost the same as hooking in the dorsal fin. Only thing is you can pull the hook out when its been placed above the anal fin easier.

Shiners work great where there are vegetation and pads but it is not needed. lifting your rod tip up or side to side will cause the shiner to go deeper. Sometimes you may have to play with it to find the Monster.

6.Tail hooking many people use this and it will make the shiner swim a lot better they have the advantage there. But the disadvantage is you do not get a great hook set ratio compared to some others. Again you will want them to take it before setting the hook.

All in all, you can rig your shiner in many ways. Do you want it to swim more? Do you want to make it swim more? Do you want it to swim to you? Keeping your bait for the day or days?

Do you want the bass to strike hard? Do you want the bass to play with it and set?  In these hooking tip’s you can do all of this and have fun fishing and know how to fish them and where.

So when to use what type of hook up?

This all depends on the area and time and what you feel like doing. In this sport, there is a lot of gut feeling so you can play around with things and watch the reaction of the bait.  My favorite for me is to make the shiner dive then bring him up to the surface and make him look hurt and splash and cause attention.

For a fun day keep them aerated and I would drop half the water out put half of my lake water in I do this personally to adapt my shiners as well.

Keep your shiners at temp, Do not just toss them right in the water without adapting them. You can but adapting will make your day longer with them unless you are tearing them up anyhow.

I hope I could share a few tips I will at times post tips on using other types of baits and shots and worming and spinning and flipping tips and tricks as well.

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