What is at get hooked bait and tackle and our service

Wild shiners

Domestic shiners



Night crawlers-Wigglers-Big Red

Fishing-hunting license

Guide service

Fishing rod 100’s



Bagged ice


Artificial bait 100’s

Buckets of all kinds


Lures 100’s

hat’s – shirts

lotion and bug spray

Ice cream


Decals- We can do custom decals as well

We sponsor anglers, Talk to us about that as well

Much-Much more

NEW- Catch a nice fish? Email it to us we will print it and frame it hold your memory’s instantly.


Experience- get hooked bait and tackle has over 45 years experience in fishing. Your local bait and tackle shops are an experience that every family should go into.

It is a lot of hard work we put into it and we are the ones that put the hours and time in because it’s a passion and for us to see people smile and to catch fish. It’s a passion to make sure when you come in here you’re going after the fish you want and we will try our best to point you in a great direction.

Unlike every other place out for money it’s known fact bait shops are a place to go to make you smile. You will not get this going to a big retail store or some guy selling off his garage or dock. Or some guy adding it to his tool section. NOBODY cares about your day they care about your money and half of these places couldn’t even tell you where to fish or what to use or even what fish are in the lakes. As professional people and professional service at your local bait shop, we do things that will make memories for you and your families for the rest of your lives.

Join us and see.


Get hooked bait and tackle has the experience if you buy our live bait it will be some of the best around as we monitor it and care about it. Teach you to care for it and work it and use it well.

Our anglers have known to drive over an hour just to get it because of how we treat it.

Bring your families in and support the people that support you. Support the bait shop that supports the lakes and community’s and guest’s

so we can keep on doing what we love.

We will continue to learn and grow and support the community and lakes so we would love your support as well.


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Guide service

Come on down to get hooked bait and tackle for experience for your family to grow with. See our wide range of products at the best prices around.

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